Grain Dryers

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Grain Dryers

Grain Dryers

The grain dryers Pagé were carefully designed to offer performance, efficiency and ease handling to the customer.

The equipment is made of galvanized steel sheet which ensure strength and good finishing to the product.

Its main body (drying tower) allows working with drying in the column, using drying and cooling or drying in batch (optional).It can also operates in continuous or intermittent working arrangements, depending on the kind of product to be dried and its initial moisture content.

There are four models of dryers manufactured by Pagé:

• Trestles

• Columns

• Variable Duct

• Intermittent

  The system of discharge works ​​through swivel locks, pneumatic table or tilting table, depending on the model of the dryer or the customer's need.

The operating system of the dryer is entirely controlled by an electrical panel of ease operational understanding.

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